Catching Up …

I see that my last post was after I returned from the US in January!  Since then we have had spring, summer and are well into fall.  Its been a good year, with a lot of progress on the house and grounds.  I’ve met more people, and my French is improving — its now progressed to poor from awful.  I make myself understood with horrible grammar and wrong verb conjugations, but it provides hours of enjoyment for the French people I talk to.  I have a French contractor who knows quite a bit of English but has the same problems I do with accent, verbs and grammar, so we have very primitive Franglais conversations, and have both improved our respective second languages.

I will mostly post photos this time, for a visual instead of a written story.

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One Response to Catching Up …

  1. Td'E says:

    Your highness! You One Queen of France Are, tra la!

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