New Blog Site

I’ve moved to WordPress, maybe I’ll get around to posting more than once a year. New blog entry to follow …….

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5 Responses to New Blog Site

  1. laramays says:

    Thanks for keeping in touch. I’ll be keeping an eye on you!

  2. janice says:

    Looks like everything is coming along just great! Glad you seem to be so busy and happy! All is well here, Michaela just turned 3 and is doing so well! Glad Music and Michael are both home here in San Diego (where they belong!). Bill is still working and I am still alive (as you can tell) and doing okay. Merry Christmas to you Bonnie! I miss you! Love, Janice

  3. misou2 says:

    Hi Bonnie, Good to hear from you. Looks like you are real busy; good thing you have all those people to help you and (I suppose) to advice you on the “local stuff”. Here, the whole nation is mourning the tragic deaths of those children and teachers in Connecticut last Friday…!!! Such a trajedy…!!! My Christmas will be quiet; I will be going to Marge’s on Christmas Day and will have some friends over on New Year’s Day. My sister will be coming in January. Good luck with all your projects. Rita

  4. Hester Gillespie says:

    Hi Bonnie, thanks for the suggestion on how to get registered to receive notification of your blogs. I always enjoy reading them and seeing all the pictures. Hester

  5. Sherry Skillwoman says:

    Happy Days of enLightening! Lovely vistas & rockworks & mulberry door. Am in Wichita visiting family with span of 20-4 F temps & frostnip runs in AM. Working on my own Humboldt house to put on market this summer. Sherry from the Emerald Triangle gone amuck

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