Arrival of Tile, Departure of Pat

The new tile for the salon arrived on Friday.  It was delivered by a very large truck, with an on-board crane that is operated with a remote control.  They can set the pallet up or down wherever you need it.  The driver backed all the way up to the house as my road is a dead end and there is nowhere for a big truck to turn around.  Those of you who have been here know how long, narrow and twisting my road is.  These French truck drivers are really good.  (I’m the short fat one with the red hair.)



I took Pat to the train this morning at 5am.  It was great having her here.  We didn’t go anywhere, I was mostly here working with my various contractor types.  I kept her busy doing decorating consulting.  We went to vide greniers, lunch, dinner, and partied with my friends who have holiday homes here.  It will be very quiet from this point forward, as the foreign visitors will not be back until after the first of the year, probably not until February.  A couple of friends from Scotland will be here at their vacation home the end of the month, and my friends from Paris will be here with me for a few days the end of the week.  Otherwise I will mostly be working to finish projects inside the house, and my French contractor will be finishing my summer kitchen/covered terrace.

Here’s what you sometimes encounter on your way down the hill.  My road is narrow, and there are only certain places that there is room for 2 cars to pass.  A truck this size blocks the road, and once they are up there, they really don’t want to move until they have finished, as there is no place to turn around. This was a dump truck and a truck with a digger (called a tractopelle — literally tractor shovel), working on a swimming pool.  We had to wait until the dump truck was ready to move, about ten minutes.


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