With vegetables and fresh herbs from my garden: courgettes, tomatoes, sweet onions, thyme, basil.  I wanted to eat it all at one sitting.tarte-tomate

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2 Responses to TOMATO TART

  1. John English says:

    Very tasty Bonnie, John looks forward to trying it!

    He’s still in hospital (3 wks today), went in to have 3 toes amputated and ended up having his leg off above the knee. He’s now known as Peg Leg but he complains as he says he doesn’t have the peg yet!

    Came down on wed & met Jo at johns house and we both came in to see him for a few hours, she stayed the nite and we walked round the pub to eat. Joan (his lady friend) came down yesterday and came straight to the hospital. Jo left mid afternoon and Joan and I went back to the house and ate at the pub. Walked round both nites with Elf. Going again with Johns friends, Sara & Martin but to the other pub for a change but again, will walk round with Elf.

    John out of bed today and has been given exercises to strengthen his arms and leg and is much better than he was yesterday but having had 4 general anaesthetics in under 3 wks, he’s bound to be feeling tired at times.

    All for now, will ring you on Sunday when I get home as Johns phone out of order. Love Jx

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  2. laramays says:

    Bonnie – that looks delicious! Nice to see you have time to garden and cook – construction must be almost completed?

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