OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere’s a photo of the mounted (dead) sanglier (wild boar) that I bought last year at a vide grenier for €20. I thought he was a female, but was told today by an expert that it is a young male. So either he stays a crossdresser, or I get him a different hat.

I also cooked sanglier for the first time on Saturday. It was a “menu terroir” — wild boar hunted by a friend; wild mushrooms bought at the market from the old man who picked them; chestnuts from the countryside; and potatoes from my own garden. I found a wonderful recipe for wild mushrooms with chestnuts and sherry. It was a highly successful meal.

This time of the year, in many parts of France, there is serious and maniac hunting of the wild boar happening. I helped Michel, a friend of a friend, a French chasseur (hunter) who is absolutely mad for hunting boar, buy a set of GPS collars for his dogs. (He has 25 hunting dogs.) I helped with this project a couple of years ago, and he has now sold that set on and wanted a new set. He speaks no English. The collars are seriously cheaper if bought in the US, even with the shipping. We are talking nearly $3,000. So I ordered the collars and paid for them, and he gave me euros which I always need. He also gave me 6 bottles of wine and a lovely leg of young boar. I roasted it and it was excellent. The collars arrived today, and when Michel came for them he was carrying a bag with a hoof sticking out — a hoof and part of a hairy leg. I wish I had thought to take a photo of it. So now I have a shoulder of sanglier, which is to be made into a stew. What fun!

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