More shrooms!

basket of shrooms frank&shroomsIt was a rainy day, and my friend and contractor, Franck, was not working. He called me in the morning and asked if I wanted to go hunt mushrooms. I had asked him to show me how, as one of our mutual friends said he was very good at it. I was afraid he had forgotten, Mais Non! So off we went, and spent about an hour picking mostly girolles (chanterelles) and a few pied de mouton. We got over two kilos, or 4.5 pounds, in that space of time. Beautiful hillside, perfect temperature and the rain let up while we were picking. Plus I only fell down once!

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3 Responses to More shrooms!

  1. marval says:

    mmm! send me some! how did you fix them?

    • chezbon says:

      Not in a way that you would eat!! I made them with chicken which I had thawed. They are wonderful, and fine without chicken, but I needed to cook it. A recipe with white wine and shallots. It was good, but the next time I will substitute butter for the olive oil. I do love butter and am currently madly cooking with Julia Child who loved butter. Never mind that she has been dead ten years, all of her old shows are on utube which I can watch on my TV with my little appletv box. Did you ever decide where you are going to live? b

  2. tershiadelgin says:

    Et maintenant? Risotto?

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