At the Brocante

nfsSnapped this photo one day recently at the brocante (collectible and antique outdoor market) in Beziers. He was not for sale, but was certainly sleeping on things that were. Adorable! I just love dogs!

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4 Responses to At the Brocante

  1. tershiadelgin says:

    The dress, Bonbon. You need the dress. Inarguable, so don’t even try.

  2. chezbon says:

    Er, I think it was a rug. Never mind. Don’t you love the way Ms. Dog is looking at herself in the mirror?

  3. Peter says:

    A Dog Day Afternoon?

  4. Lori Anne Peoples says:

    I think she is keeping a watchful eye on that rogue zebra with the hat creeping up behind her. Never trust a zebra with a hat!

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