Four pages of Foie Gras

foie grashuitresOne of the big supermarkets has sent around their catalog of food for the holidays. Four pages of foie gras. A page of oysters with a chart of how each kind tastes. Also many kinds of chickens and other birds, and of course a goose, which I hope to serve.

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3 Responses to Four pages of Foie Gras

  1. marval says:

    uh oh! and i am going to a “manifestation” in paris on saturday to protest foie gras!!! i guess that won’t stop you, though…. aaaargh.

  2. chezbon says:

    I’ve never tried it, its very expensive. But I plan to have a go this year. I really don’t have a problem with it, but then I eat meat of all kinds. The flyer from Auchan even had Kangaroo and Ostrich!

  3. Peter says:

    I can eat pretty much anything but I nearly perished in Paris some years ago from eating foie gras I have always been very careful since. A little goes a long way. Probably better leaving it in the goose . . .Now, oysters are something else! Enjoy!

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