French Santa?

french santaThis is the French version of Santa, the official one anyway. I am seeing cheerier ones around, but geez this guy looks like the Pope on his way to an inquisition get-together!  He’s even got a Klansman with him and they’re probably planning to eat the donkey.

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3 Responses to French Santa?

  1. Marval Grabner says:

    the austrian santa looks like this, too. and he comes on dec 6. he is accompanied by “black peter” who punishes the bad kids…. m

  2. Lori Anne Peoples says:

    Not nice about the donkey! Lol

    • chezbon says:

      Not at all! I love them, friends and I went on a donkey hike a couple of years ago, you can rent a donkey from the donkey ranch and it will carry your lunch. Its a really nice place and the donkeys are gorgeous. They do *not* eat them ….

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