Holiday food in France

pouletbresseThis is not my photo, but from the internet.  These are chicken farmers from Bresse, which is the ultimate place to be from, if you are an eating chicken.  Here is a list of what the main supermarkets are having “on special” for the holidays: Ostrich, kangaroo, goat, deer, wild boar, four kinds of Guinea fowl, two kinds of duck, 5 different capons, 3 sorts of turkeys, multiple choices of chickens (different regions and methods of raising, refer to photo), quail and goose. Really, isn’t that a bit too much choice? Lots of emphasis on “fermier” meaning farm raised on the ground, and various labelling methods that are like AOC wine. These people are serious about their food!

My appointment for my yearly residence card renewal was today, and the very nice woman decided I should ask for a ten year card and filled out the form with me. If I succeed, I could expire before it does, but I hope not!

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1 Response to Holiday food in France

  1. Lori Anne Peoples says:

    Bon – you are too funny. Glad to see you still have that sense of humor I so enjoyed. Chris was really looking forward to the Christmas goose Julia aka Bonnie style. Hope he arrived OK. Merry Christmas!

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