Work Continues

IMG_0012I tore up the loose floor in the front bedroom and much to my joy it was not rotten, just loose tile and a bit of a problem with the wood attachment. Maybe you can see how strangely these old floors are made: first some small rough cut logs, then reed from the river in between, then plaster the underside, i.e., the ceiling of the room below; then level it with sand from the river, and finally set the tiles in a thick layer of lime plaster. So I’ve removed the tiles & sand, fixed the plaster below, and will pour a layer of leveling concrete, and finally replace the tile. It may sound like a lot of work, but it is much less than replacing all the wood and knocking the ceiling below out.

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4 Responses to Work Continues

  1. Peter says:

    I know you were worried about what you would find beneath the tiles. big relief! Ingenious use of local materials, eh? Peter

  2. laramays says:

    Glad it’s not so bad! Still – what a project!

  3. hester gillespie says:

    sounds like a Bonnie project, for sure! h

  4. raznl says:

    The most lovely words I’ve read in some time, my dear House Whisperer.

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