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I tried to add a video of this, but my basic WordPress doesn’t allow it, so I added a photo.   The video is lots more fun.  This silly bird, or several of the same kind, comes to my south facing … Continue reading

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Ten More Years

Today I picked up ten year resident card. No more going to the Sous Prefecture every year for a new card. The ten year card gives me the right to work and own a business. I will have to renew … Continue reading

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Blue California Blooms

Ceanothus are very happy here. This gorgeous big one was about 8″ tall when I planted it 4 years ago, now its about 10 feet. And happy!

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Bricoman “rest room”

As you all may know, the toilet here is called “les toilettes” if you are asking for the bathroom, rest room, etc. If you asked someone in a restaurant for the bathroom, they would wonder why you wanted to bathe … Continue reading

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