Blue California Blooms

IMG_0386 IMG_0387Ceanothus are very happy here. This gorgeous big one was about 8″ tall when I planted it 4 years ago, now its about 10 feet. And happy!

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3 Responses to Blue California Blooms

  1. Mike and Rob says:

    How do California poppies do there?

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  2. John English says:

    Hi Bonnie ! Looks absolutely beautiful and just shows how your Californian plants and fingers have prospered in Roquebrun ! I have many happy memories of California , it’s flora , fauna and so many varieties of Redwood that I look forward to seeing how you have integrated them into your revitalised home ……………. Just reminds me of how long it has been since I spent some quality time out there , and I hope it won’t be too long before I get back ! Certainly won’t be in the months of July and August , when you see what a certain Madam charges for a week there , eh ? On a horticultural note , would love to see you introduce some of the coastal succulents and flowers I have long admired on the Pacific Coast around the likes of Big Sur . They would be so beautiful on your rock walls and paths but the problem to me would be replicating the salt mists they depend on for moisture ! Look forward the challenge , that is if you haven’t already mastered the problem ? Enjoy Spring ! Cheers , John xx

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  3. marval says:


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