Ten More Years

Today I picked up ten year resident card. No more going to the Sous Prefecture every year for a new card. The ten year card gives me the right to work and own a business. I will have to renew it when I’m 81. Well, that’s okay.

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6 Responses to Ten More Years

  1. Rob says:

    If I was a French Dirigeant d’implantation, I would give you a 30 year card!

    Bonne chance avec vos nouvelles aventures!

  2. John English says:

    Hi Bonnie ! Well done on the new status ………… and nice to know that you don’t have to apply again till you are 81 in ten years time too , eh ? Will you have to apply every ten years after that ? Or , do they give you another break at the century , and make it every 20 years after that ? Anyway , keep smiling and hold your head up high ! Love, John X

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  3. marval says:

    congrats! feels good, eh? i will be in the collioure area in april for a week. coffee? lunch? how far away are you?

    • chezbon says:

      Not too far away to do lunch — a couple of hours probably. Would love to catch up, when will you be down there?

      • marval says:

        april 19-25. we could meet halfway. or come to darling little collioure village where we lunched so long ago… wasn’t there a celebration there? send me a phone number.

  4. ellenfetu says:

    Way to go, Bonnie! Chapeau!

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