weed1 weed2 weed3 weed4I let the weeds grow here if I’m not sure what they are, to see if they are, in reality, good native plants. Here are a few. Most spectacular is the 8-10′ tall mallow with pinky-lavender flowers. Its an annual, and when it stops blooming I will remove it. Hopefully without the chain saw.  The first photo is two different plants, a snapdragon type that’s native, and the other is Centranthus ruber or red valerian, also a native of the Mediterranean region.  The second photo is of a large, bluegreen gorgeous native euphorbia, the third our dearly loved red poppies, and the last one as mentioned above.

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2 Responses to Weeds

  1. marval says:

    ooooh, i love those poppies! sometimes a whole field of red – verrry monet!

  2. John English says:

    Hi Bonnie ! Thanks for some lovely pics of your garden and how patient you are to allow plants to grow and prosper just to see what they are . Yow must really enjoy your village garden , taking full advantage of what most folk would see as an impossible slope to maximise the beauty of the incline . The lovely blue sky also highlights what you have achieved . Well done and keep up the good work . Cheers ! John xx

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