Bug Paparazzi


big bug

That’s me, when I found these coupling Cerambyx cerdo (Great Capricorn Beetle) I just had to take a photo. I promised them I would not put it on my Facebook page. They are about 2″ long, and the way you can tell the sexes apart is that the females have shorter antennae. The second photo is of a female on her own. There are quite a few of these in my garden, under the fig tree. The eggs take 4-6 years to develop into a beetle. That’s it for your entomology minute today!

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3 Responses to Bug Paparazzi

  1. John English says:

    Very Interesting ! Well done again with the camera Bonnie ……. And the entomology info too . Just thinking ? If it takes 4 – 6 years for the egg to develop , what kind of parents do the adults make after that time ? Eh ? We have lovely summer weather just now …… Must be very hot for you . Cheers. John . xx

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  2. marval says:

    ho ho! i love it – and await the next summer bug….

  3. tershiadelgin says:

    What are they doing, Bonbon? Other than posing?

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