Two Frogs (Rainette Verte)

2frogsI have at least two European Green Tree Frogs now. One is slightly larger than the other, and having seen them together I know there are at least two. Can you see them?  One is near the top left, the other is behind a leaf on the bottom right, you can see its eye.  They can live to be 15 years old! They spend a lot of their time where the photo was taken, the climbing rose stem beside my terrace table, near the front door. I keep a small dish of water on the table for them, and have a larger pot on the terrace right above. Their breeding season should be over, but I still hope for tadpoles in the water source!

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2 Responses to Two Frogs (Rainette Verte)

  1. John English says:

    How lovely Bonnie ! Must be a very tranquil and beautiful setting and a huge improvement on the difficult site you took over on which I know you have done so much work…………………… …..Congratulations ! Cheers. John xx

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  2. marval says:

    aaawww! good luck on the hatchery! they are so beautiful! and they eat insects in the garden…

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