arribaThis plant was for sale in Lidl, one of our local food markets — headquarters in Holland. A euphorbia, in fact. It is possible that this one is from Mexico, but I found the whole presentation, rather, well, odd ……

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5 Responses to Arriba!

  1. dcgc990 says:

    It is mexico month at lidl! Wish they would do a france event at food bowl…….mmmmmm cassoulet. 

    • chezbon says:

      Don’t hold your breath for France month at the FB. I didn’t even hold my breath for “clean the market month” at FB. Is Gala gone? And Target arrived? b

      • dcgc990 says:

        Yes, target soon. Still on the fence but hard to imagine someone coming up from 94 when they can get in/out easier at college grove. Funny to see the folks on “next door” ,posting,  whats that smell!!!!?……when it is simply the roofing crew at target. We like to grill the chicken marinades from fb….guess we have developed the antibodies Keep us posted!

  2. Peter Thickett says:

    San Pons goes global, surreal or what?

  3. Heather in Arles says:

    Even the sun has to wear a sombrero in this version of Mexico… 😉

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