Washing Machine Repair Initial Victory

partThat thing is the door sensor from my washer, which I managed to remove today. Of course, all of the videos on line were for other washers, and it did not come out the same way, but I finally figured it out: not screwed in but spring loaded. I have now ordered the part on ebay for €13 and hope that will fix the problem. I hope you are all very proud of me and impressed by my perseverance and ingenuity. Or maybe wondering why I didn’t just call the repair person.

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12 Responses to Washing Machine Repair Initial Victory

  1. Peter says:

    I’m better at taking things to bits than putting them together again, but I’m sure you have the skills!

    • dcgc990 says:

      Bonnie, that looks like one of Nicks’ Lego creations. Did the machine give you the failure code on its display? Nice work D,B,N

  2. chezbon says:

    No error code, it just flashed the door unlocked icon and would not start. It seems like its the only thing it could be, as it thinks the door is open. It could of course be the entire electronics are dead, but I don’t think so as I’m not getting flashing lights or error codes, just won’t go. We will soon find out.

  3. Lyn says:

    You would rather have the challenge than the repairman.

  4. chezbon says:

    How true …. also his bill……

  5. John English says:

    Well done , Bonnie ! You have proved that perseverance paid off , and you saved euros and were not conned into buying another washing machine . Love. John X

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    • chezbon says:

      Well hopefully it will fix the machine! Its definitely worth a try — spend a few euros to try and save a few hundred! In either case I learned something new.

  6. marval says:

    yes!! all of the above!! why am i not surprised?…. i hope you don’t regret it….

  7. chezbon says:

    Definitely won’t regret it! Even if it still doesn’t work, I learned something and only lost a few euros trying to save a few hundred. A reasonable gamble…….

  8. Lyn Trainer says:

    Is it working?

    • chezbon says:

      Sadly no. Had no trouble installing the new part, but it still thinks the door is open. Investigating the possibility it needs a “hard reset” — it may be that the electronics are broken, but there is nothing strange about the display so I’m thinking it could be a reset problem. There isn’t any other thing it could be, only choices door switch or electronics gone bad.

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