The Roquebrun Hoard

roquebrun-hoardIf you’ve been to the British Museum you may have seen various “hoards” on display, often gold, dating to Roman times and later. Well, this is the Roquebrun Hoard, dating to the turn of the most recent century, found right here under my stairs down from the road! When I was cleaning things out last fall my rake hit something metal, which turned out to be a somewhat rusted cash register drawer, upside down, and under it were these coins. They are mostly French, some Spanish, a couple of English, all in the “old” pre-euro money, i.e., without value. It is evidence of some petty burglary, done when this house was uninhabited, which was probably known to the perp, as they would not otherwise have come down and stashed the evidence here. It also indicates they knew the village, and were probably residents. I’m guessing it would have been the tabac or the grocery store. They probably kept the bills, and if it was after 2000 there would have been some euro coins. Francs could still be used until 2002. That’s all I know.

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4 Responses to The Roquebrun Hoard

  1. Lyn says:

    You can start your own museum! Can’t wait to see what you find in Provence.

  2. John English says:

    Bonnie ! What a lovely discovery ! Thanks for sharing it and I wonder how close your imagination took you to the real story . John. xx

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  3. Peter says:

    Keep looking, Bonnie. Remember someone found a bag of valuable coins in a village cave, or is that another Roquebrun myth? Must have been a team effort to carry away a register but I think your theory makes sense. Intriguing!

  4. marval says:

    ooooh, a “cold case” in your own backyard! keep digging!

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