Name Change, and a Little Porc

It seems like time to again change the name of the blog, since it has changed locations from Roquebrun, Herault to Mazan, Provence.  I may have spoken to some of you about France being “The Land of Non!” as that seems to be the default response when dealing with businesses, bureaucracy, etc.  Sometimes you can turn it into “Oui!” particularly if you can convince the other person that they thought of the solution.porc

For all of you who love shopping and eating in France, I’m offering this tidbit from the weekly mailing of a local supermarket (Intermarche).  In case you thought you would have trouble finding a pig’s head for your holiday table.  True, its only a half, and there are *no brains* and *no tongue* but it does come with a couple of feet.  Better get there quick before it sells out.

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One Response to Name Change, and a Little Porc

  1. debragable says:

    Bonnie, I just had the brainstorm to check your blog and voila! What’s a phone number where I can reach you? Do you use What’s App or messaging? Our number is 831-426-6532. We need to catch up!

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