Truffle Market

The weekly Carpentras markat was this morning, this time of the year there is a lot of holiday buying, and the market covers the entire old town as it does in the summer. Probably several hundred individual sellers of all kinds of food products, plants, clothing, household goods, textiles, everything you can imagine. Its truffle time here, the Vaucluse being a center of truffle production. On Friday mornings there is a truffle market in front of the tourist office, where specialists sell truffles and baby truffle oaks, and there are informational presentations about their cultivation, uses, etc. A man was making truffle omelet and handing out samples.  I know very little about it, but plan to learn more.truffle1truffle2

After shopping for my chicken (cooked) and vegetables (not cooked) I went to my favorite boulangerie/patisserie for a big coffee with hot milk (called a “grande creme”, and an almond croissant. I took this photo of the market while inside eating my treats.  Matichon is as good as any place I ever went in Paris, a family owned and operated business for many years in the heart of the old city of Carpentras. In fact, Carpentras is matichona very old city, for example, has the oldest Jewish synagogue in France. It also has many Muslins, and the market reflects their influence. Last week I stopped at a crosswalk for a Muslim man in traditional dress, as I would stop for any pedestrian, and as he crossed in front of my car he turned, and offered me a stalk of fresh dates. I was very touched! I ate the dates! I guess Donald Rump would deport him. I’m very fortunate.

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  1. laramays says:

    Looks beautiful – and delicious! Enjoy!

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