As you will know from previous entries on this blog, I had a couple of “pet” green tree frogs in Roquebrun. I’ve missed them! We have had a couple of windy rainy days, and I was outside when I noticed Doris’ plastic tablecloth had blown onto the ground. She is out of town for a week, so I picked it and put it on the table, and look who I found! I was delirious! Even more so when I went back that way in a half hour or so, and look what had happened. That little frog found the green leaf on the plastic tablecloth and placed himself on it for protection! I now need to make sure there is enough water available at all times to make it happy.

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3 Responses to Frog!

  1. dcgc990 says:

    And we can barely get our dogs to sit, on command…..

  2. chezbon says:

    Well, mine only sit when threatened.

    • dcgc990 says:

      So true……

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      On Mar 24, 2017 13:08, “Dispatches from the Land of No (Non!)” wrote:

      > chezbon commented: “Well, mine only sit when threatened.” >

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