Bonne Année!

The photos are my favorite boulangerie patisserie in Carpentras, and what I ate there New Year’s Eve morning after buying a couple of dozen oysters (Bouzigues No. 1) for the evening’s festivities. What a life!

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One Response to Bonne Année!

  1. marval g says:

    thanks for the blog – although I do not like oysters, i have lots of gooooood stuff to eat!…. 

    best wishes for the holidays!

    here is my Christmas letter:

    i am recuperating from having my daughter and family here for ten days: they just left, cleaning, washing, etc. my granddaughter is here til mid january. we had a great time, but verrrry busy and hectic: foooood, paris events, 1000 piece puzzle (left for me to finish…), gingerbread house, old friends – and more food…..   now to catch up on scrabble and emails…. aaargh. at least the weather is sunny and brisk. 

    A THOUGHT FOR TODAY :“ Traveling is the best education a person can have. It opens our heart’s eyes to the world in a way, sometimes, that our optical eyes don’t see, because our heart sees the real people, their hearts, and hopes and dreams.”

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