I love the solitary bees, especially the big black carpenter bees. Mike and Rob sent me a “bee house” for my birthday in February. I hung it up last month, and today discovered that there are already seven bee nurseries occupied. The solitary bees fill the tunnel up with their larva and food, the larva hatches and has food until it becomes a bee. I was so absolutely thrilled to find out the bees were already using it, and its still very early in the season here.  In the photo, the holes that are sealed are the ones in which a bee larva is developing.  Great!!

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As you will know from previous entries on this blog, I had a couple of “pet” green tree frogs in Roquebrun. I’ve missed them! We have had a couple of windy rainy days, and I was outside when I noticed Doris’ plastic tablecloth had blown onto the ground. She is out of town for a week, so I picked it and put it on the table, and look who I found! I was delirious! Even more so when I went back that way in a half hour or so, and look what had happened. That little frog found the green leaf on the plastic tablecloth and placed himself on it for protection! I now need to make sure there is enough water available at all times to make it happy.

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Cherry Blossoms

Its really spring here. No, really. We’ve had several weeks of warm weather, and there is nothing bad on the horizon. A bit of rain, which is good. The garden is looking good, also looking bad, as it is a work in progress. The forsythia is blooming, and the cherry blossoms indoors are doing the same. Within a few days they will be open on the tree outdoors. I love climate change! I’m going to buy a bunch of broken down deisel cars and just let them run in the garden! OK, maybe not.

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I’m Way Behind

redtree1redtree2I have photos, but have not posted! Posting seems so yesterday, tweeting is the new thing. If only I could say it all in 140 characters. It would be great! Sad! So here is a catch up tweet, the theme is exquisite French taste. This is a photo of an artificial (that goodness) christmas/holiday tree, that was being sold in an upscale nursery/garden store near Avignon. It is fuzzy but at the same time very stiff. Perhaps it is a joke that I don’t get. Enjoy.

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Crispy Here

sno1 sno2We got some snow this morning, not much, but it will most likely melt and freeze again. Driving is not on the agenda.

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Truffle Market

The weekly Carpentras markat was this morning, this time of the year there is a lot of holiday buying, and the market covers the entire old town as it does in the summer. Probably several hundred individual sellers of all kinds of food products, plants, clothing, household goods, textiles, everything you can imagine. Its truffle time here, the Vaucluse being a center of truffle production. On Friday mornings there is a truffle market in front of the tourist office, where specialists sell truffles and baby truffle oaks, and there are informational presentations about their cultivation, uses, etc. A man was making truffle omelet and handing out samples.  I know very little about it, but plan to learn more.truffle1truffle2

After shopping for my chicken (cooked) and vegetables (not cooked) I went to my favorite boulangerie/patisserie for a big coffee with hot milk (called a “grande creme”, and an almond croissant. I took this photo of the market while inside eating my treats.  Matichon is as good as any place I ever went in Paris, a family owned and operated business for many years in the heart of the old city of Carpentras. In fact, Carpentras is matichona very old city, for example, has the oldest Jewish synagogue in France. It also has many Muslins, and the market reflects their influence. Last week I stopped at a crosswalk for a Muslim man in traditional dress, as I would stop for any pedestrian, and as he crossed in front of my car he turned, and offered me a stalk of fresh dates. I was very touched! I ate the dates! I guess Donald Rump would deport him. I’m very fortunate.

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donkey-pernes-1donkey-pernes-2I’m catching up on some posts I never got done. This one features donkeys, such charming animals. There is man who brings his donkeys to Pernes Les Fontaines most Saturdays, which is market day. They hang around one of the churches, where there is a small “place” (plaza) with a couple of cafes. The donkeys come right up to the table where their owner is having his beverage . Pernes is a very lovely small town/big village about ten minutes from where I live. What a nice country, where there are donkeys hanging around town.

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