If You Eat Enough Oysters

You might find a pearl. Needs to be a big oyster, the photo is of the 00 size oysters, which is usually the largest size offered from the sellers at the markets. Bigger ones exist, but they would really be too big. 00 is a bit large, as you can see. They were good, difficult to open as they really fight back. I think 1 and 2 are good eating sizes.

Yes, there was a pearl. Not a big pearl and probably not a good pearl, as these are not pearl oysters. But my pearl nevertheless.

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Opelie gets a Lift

Poor thing, her power steering belt failed and she was so hard to steer I had her towed in. She should be back soon.

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Bonne Année!

The photos are my favorite boulangerie patisserie in Carpentras, and what I ate there New Year’s Eve morning after buying a couple of dozen oysters (Bouzigues No. 1) for the evening’s festivities. What a life!

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I think the photo speaks for itself

Lidl is apparently totally out of control.  A couple of weeks ago it was whole turkeys, “pour thanksgeeveeng”.  Now its some kind of appliance, well priced, so that you can create American Breakfast!!  Here’s the link in case the photo isn’t good enough:  https://www.lidl.fr/fr/nos-offres.htm?articleId=11531

What you seem to end up with is some kind of a sandwich, perhaps a bit like an Egg McMuffin?  Whatever it is …… Its American!!

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Snow! Noooooo…….

I got up this morning planning to go into Carpentras to the weekly market, but quickly changed my mind…..


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Thanksgiving in France

Thanksgiving has come to France. And Non, I did not serve a giant snail to my friends for Thanksgiving dinner. What I did serve was a turkey, which was advertised at Lidl as “de Thanksgiving.”


We know there were no French pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving, but it would appear that the French have adopted our holiday. The Lidl turkey was small, very lean, tasty and a bit expensive at €4.59 a kilo, which is about $2.50 a pound.

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I love the solitary bees, especially the big black carpenter bees. Mike and Rob sent me a “bee house” for my birthday in February. I hung it up last month, and today discovered that there are already seven bee nurseries occupied. The solitary bees fill the tunnel up with their larva and food, the larva hatches and has food until it becomes a bee. I was so absolutely thrilled to find out the bees were already using it, and its still very early in the season here.  In the photo, the holes that are sealed are the ones in which a bee larva is developing.  Great!!

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